Christopher Dungey

Christopher Dungey is a violin maker specializing in the new making of cellos.  He graduated from The Newark School of Violin Making in England with ‘Distinction’ in 1982.  After returning to the states he worked in Los Angeles for Hans Weisshaar and Thomas Metzler learning the fine art of restoration.  Robert Cauer has also been a close advisor and mentor over the years.  Mr. Dungey has a degree in double bass performance from the University of Oregon.  His teacher was Robert Hladky who taught both the cello and bass students.  It is from those years of cello exposure that Mr. Dungey brings a unique understanding of cello sound to his cello making today.

Christopher’s cello commissions have always been a collaboration with each individual cellist.  His passion to create the perfect voice for the individual has been his signature approach.  From the beginning of the process with model decisions, wood selection, varnish color, to the final setup and personal delivery to the player, Mr. Dungey personalizes his approach with the player in creating each cello.  In addition, it’s not just the short term process of building your individual cello voice but the long term relationship that develops over time that is very important to Mr. Dungey.

Another passion Mr. Dungey has is to innovate, develop and bring new cello related products to the cello market.  Under the company name Bowed Acoustics LLC, his cello endpin, cello cable and recently finalized cello acoustic tile have all been endorsed not only by players but numerous colleagues in the cello business. He has also pioneered a custom designed ‘hybrid’ style cello bridge and wolf suppressing methods over the years.

Mr. Dungey has been cutting and collecting cello wood since his student days in England.  This unique position of personally acquiring his raw materials has helped him to have a better understanding of how to utilize the wood for each new cello to its fullest potential.  He is a current member of the AFVBM Inc. and has won numerous cello-making awards since 1982.