Vladimir Radosavljevic

Bow Maker

Vladimir Radosavljevic, born in 1971 in Belgrade, Serbia, embarked on an extraordinary journey shaped by his deep connection to music and craftsmanship. With 14 years of dedicated study of the violin and a foundation from the University of Music in Belgrade, Vladimir’s passion for music found him a place as a violinist in the Teatre T orchestra in 1991. However, in 1993, Vladimir set out on a life-changing adventure to the USA.

Upon his arrival in the USA, Vladimir’s path crossed with Mr. Joe Da Cunha, who would become his initial guide into the world of bow repairing. Under the tutelage of his friend Michael Gerson, a student of Otto Erdesz, Vladimir embarked on a journey of bow restoration. Within months, Michael introduced him to Jaques Francais, a notable figure in the field, with whom Vladimir occasionally collaborated on repairs and rehairs.

In 1995, Vladimir extended his bow repair expertise to various workshops in New York and Connecticut. He began working with Mr. Brice Dupin de St Cyr, servicing his Carnegie Hall office, and also collaborated with Constanatin Popesku of Connecticut. During this period, Vladimir made his initial forays into bow making.

In the USA, Vladimir’s work caught the attention of violinist/violist Mr. Eric Shumsky, son of the legendary violinist and teacher Oskar Shumsky. This introduction opened doors to elite players who became enthusiasts of Vladimir’s bows. Today, Vladimir Radosavljevic continues his craft as a bow maker, crafting bows in Savannah, GA, USA, and his hometown, Belgrade, Serbia, leaving an indelible mark on the world of string instruments.

Violin bow:

Cello bow: