Jonathan Hai

Jonathan’s journey into the world of violin-making is driven by his profound love for music and woodworking. After dedicating over seven years to the conservation of historical buildings and archaeological sites, Jonathan decided to pursue his passion for crafting violins.

Prior to venturing into the realm of violin making, Jonathan earned his engineering degree from Israel’s Institute of Technology, known as the “Technion,” and spent a significant portion of his career planning conservation projects. His professional journey included working at the office of Amnon Bar Or Architects in Tel-Aviv.

Jonathan embarked on his formal education as a Master Violin Maker (liutaio) at the International Violin Making School A. Stradivari in Cremona, Italy. Under the expert guidance of Masters Giorgio Scholari and Massimo Negroni, he delved into the rich tradition of Cremona, a city steeped in the legacy of renowned violin makers. Living and working in Cremona, collaborating with esteemed professionals, became a pivotal and formative experience in his life. Upon his return to Israel, Jonathan established his independent workshop within the artisans’ workshops compound in Kibbutz Ein Carmel.

Jonathan’s primary focus revolves around crafting new stringed instruments, notably bows, characterized by his unique and personal style while drawing inspiration from classical models and the enduring Italian tradition. Additionally, he excels in the meticulous restoration of stringed instruments. Jonathan maintains ongoing collaborations with Master Violin Makers Eyal Hoffmekler and Shlomo Moyal, as well as Master Bow Maker David Samuels.

Notably, Jonathan’s dedication and craftsmanship have earned him several prestigious awards:

  • Gold Medal for Viola at the Concorso Nazionale di Liuteria in Pisogne, Italy, 2007.
  • Silver Medal for Quartet Tone at the VSA in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2018.
  • Certificate of Merit for Cello Tone at the VSA in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2018.