Jiwon Han

Jiwon Han, born in South Korea, currently serves as the Head Luthier at the Los Angeles Violin Shop. He has garnered several prestigious awards for his outstanding craftsmanship from the Violin Society of America, including:

Silver Medal for Tone for Violin in 2022
Certificate for Tone for Viola in 2022
Certificate for Tone for Violin in 2018

Prior to relocating to the U.S., Jiwon resided and worked in Seoul, South Korea. During this time, he gained valuable workshop and restoration experience at the Stradi Workshop. His close collaboration with the Kumho Asiana Foundation and Songwoo Trading Company, both of which are regular suppliers to the renowned international violin dealership John & Arthur Beare, further enriched his expertise.

Since 2015, Jiwon has been entrusted with the restoration and maintenance of some of the finest instruments in Los Angeles through his role at the LA Violin Shop. In addition to his restoration work, Jiwon also crafts award-winning violins and violas by commission. These instruments are highly sought after by advanced and professional-level players due to their exceptionally nuanced sound and exquisite workmanship.


Body length: 357 mm

String length: 329 mm

Upper bout: 168 mm

Middle bout: 114 mm

Lower bout: 207 mm