Jason Reitenberger

Jason Reitenberger’s excitement for music and violin making emerged at an early age. Playing cello and piano, Jason decided to build a cello at the age of 13 together with the guidance of a wonderful luthier and mentor in Stuttgart, Germany. While studying at the Newark School of Violin Making in England, Jason started working for Robert Brewer Young. After graduating with a degree in violin making, Jason continued working with Robert Young and Peter Greiner in Hampstead, London. Jason is a contemporary luthier at W. E. Hill & Sons and an Associate at the Scientific Research Department at J&A Beare. With curiosity, Jason has studied a significant range of classical Italian instruments. Being at the technological forefront of violin research, conservation and documentation, Jason employs cutting-edge forensic techniques in his process. Jason combines acoustic studies with attentive listening to craft the desired sound that speaks to the musician. Having made instruments inspired by Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri, Guadagnini and Bergonzi, Jason is focused on every detail in the design and development of his personal violin, viola and cello.