Florian Schneidt

Bow Maker

Florian Schneidt, born in 1968 into a family of musicians in Munich, Germany, embarked on a musical journey early in life. He pursued the viola and successfully earned a Master’s degree in Music from the Hochschule für Musik in Munich. In 1998, he relocated to the Netherlands and secured a permanent position in the North Netherlands Orchestra.

Alongside his musical career, Florian held a keen interest in bow making. He initiated his training under the guidance of resident bow maker Laszlo Tuscni and attended various courses in bow making and restoration offered by the British Violin Makers Association. In 2007, while still actively participating in the symphony orchestra, he established his independent workshop.

From 2013 onwards, Florian has been a regular participant in the annual Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop. This involvement has provided him with the opportunity to closely interact with renowned bow makers such as Matt Wehling, Tim Baker, David Forbes, Eric Lane, and many others. Florian uniquely combines his expertise as a bow maker and his experience as a viola player to optimize the functionality of each bow as a valuable tool for musicians.

Presently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Florian is dedicated to the art of bow making, working with Reuning and Son Violins to fully concentrate on crafting exceptional bows.