Christopher Thorp

Working from his distinguished establishment in Long Island City, New York, Christopher specializes in the craft of making and restoring violins, violas, and cellos. His journey as a violin maker began at the London Guildhall University, where he received training under the esteemed guidance of ShemMackey. He graduated from the University in 2000.

In the years that followed, Christopher embarked on a path of continuous growth and refinement within the field. Initially, he honed his skills during an impressive 8-year tenure in the workshops of JP Guivier in London. Subsequently, the allure of New York beckoned, and he seized an opportunity to join Christophe Landon’s esteemed workshop near the iconic Lincoln Center. Throughout this transformative period, Christopher immersed himself in the study and restoration of instruments crafted by the foremost luminaries of violin making across the ages. This extensive knowledge and hands-on experience have become the bedrock of his craft, influencing not only the meticulous creation of his instruments, but also the delicate restoration and precise setup of vintage ones.

With a commitment to both tradition and innovation, Christopher’s work resonates with a deep appreciation for the craft’s heritage and an unwavering dedication to unlocking the finest musical tones. His journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his role as a bridge between the artistry of instrument making and the world of music performance.