Ada Quaranta

Music has played an integral part in Ada Quaranta’s life since childhood. She began studying the violin at age 10, and later was awarded a Diploma in Violin Performance and an Intermediate Qualification in Viola Performance. In 1988, she attended the Antonio Stradivari International Violin Making School in Cremona.

Between 1992 and 1999, Ada pursued her passion for restoring classical instruments in some of the finest and most respected workshops, including J.F. Schmitt in Lyon and Geigenbau Machold in Bremen. In the following years, she enjoyed an intensely creative and fruitful relationship with Roger G. Hargrave in Meyenburg. By working alongside a Master violin maker, Ada perfected her talent and capabilities. Together, Roger and Ada created superlative reproductions of classical Italian instruments.

In 2001, Ada returned to Italy to open her own atelier. Here, she dedicates herself to the art of making modern and baroque instruments of the highest aesthetic and acoustic quality. Her instruments are played and admired throughout the world.

Ada’s instruments are the fruits of a marriage between the traditional methods of the finest classical Cremonese makers, and the most recent developments in acoustics. Her instruments have won numerous prizes in top-flight international competitions and amply satisfy the expectations of some of the world’s leading musicians.