Tanguy Fraval

Tanguy Fraval

Sound and music have always been a huge source of inspiration to me. As a violin maker, I seek to find the balance between form and materials – both essential parameters to a well-functioning instrument. My work is inspired by the great Italian instruments from the 16th-18th centuries, as well the unique criteria of each musician that I work with.

Born in 1978 in France, I graduated in woodworking in 1999 and violin making (with mention) in 2004 at the International School of Violin Making in Newark (GB). Patrick Robin gave me much advice during the workshops I attended while in school. After completing my studies, I started to restore prestigious instruments in Berlin over two years at S. Krattenmacher’s.  I then worked in Brussels as a maker with T. Meuwissen.

In 2008, I set up my own workshop and specialized in sound adjustments and violin making. In 2016 my family and I decided to settle down in France (Brittany) where I continue to find new inspiration. In 2018, the “CLAC”, a collective of bow and violin makers located in Paris, was created, and I am one of the founding members.


3 awards “VioloncellEnSeine”, Paris, 2010 Cello
1 award “Viola’s” 2014 Viola
Finalist “VioloncellEnSeine”, Paris, 2014 Cello
1 award “VioloncellenSeine”, Paris, 2016 Cello