Jack Devereux

Jack Devereux began playing the violin at age 3 in Asheville, North Carolina. While he spent his early teenage years doing unspeakable things to pawn-shop electric guitars, Jack’s first introduction to serious instrument making came as a high school intern in the shop of flute maker Chris Abell. In 2013, Jack graduated magna cum laude from the Berklee College of Music with a BA in violin performance and a minor in Acoustics.
In college, Jack began an informal relationship with Portland, Maine violin maker Jonathan Cooper, which ultimately led to three years of training in Mr Cooper’s shop.
After several years spent as a full time touring musician, Jack continued his study of violins in the workshop of John Montgomery. At Mr Montgomery’s, Jack learned restoration techniques, refined his making, and studied in depth the large number of historically significant instruments that passed through the shop.
Since 2019, Jack has worked in the shop of Sam Zygmuntowicz. There, he assists in the making of Mr Zygmuntowicz’s instruments, helps maintain the historical instruments in the care of the shop, and continues to deepen his understanding of violin design, construction and sound.

Body Length: 353 mm
String Length: 329 mm
Upper Bout: 167 mm
Middle Bout: 110 mm
Lower Bout: 205 mm