Shahram & Saeid Rezvani

Co- founders of Rezvani Violins, Shahram and brother, Saeid Rezvani were introduced to the world of music at an early age in their native Persia where they developed a great love and a deep respect for both Western and Eastern classical music. Their love and passion for music grew so strong that in 1990, the two brothers dedicated their lives to learning and mastering the art of violin making and restoring stringed instruments under the supervision of the best and most well-known violin makers in Austria, becoming student apprentices to Maestros Eton Watlow and Johann Rombach in Vienna.

Now, with nearly twenty-eight years of successful experience, the Rezvani brothers have achieved their well-deserved reputation as Master Luthiers. More than six hundred of their specialty crafted masterpieces are owned by soloists and professional orchestral musicians throughout the world, as well as numerous members of music conservatoires, tenured faculty and professors of music in university music departments and performers in numerous philharmonic and symphony orchestras in the United States and abroad.

In early 2010, Rezvani Violins relocated to Westlake Village, California where they now create and continue to focus on producing violins, violas, and cellos as well as offering the best sales, repairs, and restoration of stringed instruments and bows.


Body Length: 355 mm String Length: 326 mm

Upper Bout: 165 mm Middle Bout: 114 mm Lower Bout: 204 mm