Elizabeth LaPorte

Elizabeth LaPorte is a violin maker and restorer, and serves as head of the workshop at Tarisio in New York City. She has previously held positions as a restorer with Rare Violins of New York and Gregory Sapp Violins, and is a graduate of the Chicago School of Violin Making. In her work, Elizabeth draws from her experience with fine instruments and accomplished musicians, and specializes in making violins inspired by 18th century Cremonese makers – most recently Lorenzo Storioni and Hieronymus Amati II. She is enthusiastic about the myriad disciplines that contribute to instrument making and performance, and employs this depth of perspective to produce classically inspired instruments that meet the needs of modern players. Elizabeth was drawn to lutherie by her background as a violinist, and continues her exploration of the object of the violin as a locus for examining physical and cultural phenomena.


Body Length: 353 mm String Length: 326 mm

Upper Bout: 167 mm Middle Bout: 116 mm Lower Bout: 206 mm