Baptiste Juguera

Born in Toulouse, Baptiste was interested in violin making at age 6. His early affinity for woodworking comes from his father being a cabinetmaker and meeting Frederic Chaudiere as a teenager. During this period, he was a volunteer at the Association of Violin Makers of Montpellier and took part in the organization of concerts and masterclasses.

After achieving an A-Level in Science, Baptiste traveled to Germany for a year followed by studies at the French National Violin Making School in Mirecourt. Upon graduation in 2011, Baptiste became the assistant of Frederic Chaudiere. He opened his own workshop in 2012 while continuing to work part-time for his mentor.

His work draws inspiration from the great Cremonese school of the 17th and 18th centuries, following the old method of violin making with the purpose of interpreting the state of mind of the old masters.

Apart from instrument making, Baptiste is also passionate about surfing and has started to shape wooden surfboards using the old fashioned methods.


Back length: 413mm_16 1/4″


Back length: 355mm – String length: 327mm
Upper bout: 168mm – Middle bout: 114mm – Lower bout: 209mm