Ulrike Dederer

“Tradition is retention of the fire, not worship of the ashes.”

- Gustav Mahler

I am a violin maker based in Zürich/Switzerland. My work follows the tradition of Cremonese violin making. Beyond the highest standards of craftsmanship, I am focused on developing the individual sound of each instrument and on fitting the set-up perfectly to suit the musician.

I was born in Stuttgart/Germany in 1969. In 1989 I attended the International School of Violinmaking in Cremona/Italy studying for four years with Vincenzo Bissolotti. The following 12 years I dedicated myself to restoration, expertise and sound adjustment of fine instruments working in the workshops of Jecklin in Zürich/Switzerland and of Machold in Vienna/Austria. These years of experience gave me expertise and inspiration for my later making of new instruments. In 2002 I passed the Masters Examination (Meisterprüfung) in Innsbruck/Austria. In 2005 I opened my own workshop in Zürich/Switzerland making new instruments in modern and baroque style. Since then I received important suggestions from Francois Denis, Koen Padding, Roger Hargrave, Sam Zygmuntovicz, and other colleagues. In 2016 I served as a jury member at the 13th Henryk Wieniawski Violin Making Competition in Poznan. In 2017 and 2018 I participated at the Oberlin Acoustics Workshop headed by Joseph Curtin and Fan-Chia Tao. I am a member of the Violin Society of America (VSA) and the Swiss Violin Makers Association (SVGB).


2012 | gold medal for viola at the XIII. Concorso Triennale degli strumenti ad arco «Antonio Stradivari» in Cremona

2011 | bronze medal at the 12th Henryk Wieniawski Violin Making Competition in Poznan

2011 | finalist at the Concours Etienne Vatelot in Paris

1993 | finalist at the International Violin Making Competition in Prague achieving the first place for sound quality


Back length: 353 mm | String length: 328 mm

Upper bout: 168 mm | Middle bout: 111 mm | Lower bout: 208 mm