Silvio Levaggi | Anna Tartari

Silvio Levaggi and Anna Tartari’s workshop is located in the historic center of Cremona. They make violins, violas and cellos of the finest quality, inspired by classic Cremonese, Brescian and Venetian Schools. Each instrument is entirely hand-made and inspired by a detailed study and analysis of the finest instruments of the Italian and, in particular, Cremonese schools of violin making. Today, many fine instruments are modeled on examples of the past great masters’ work, the source of much inspiration. In reproducing their models, adhering to their aesthetic design ideals, they aim to achieve perfection, whilst developing their own ideas and concepts.
Silvio and Anna work in close consultation with their clients and undertake a limited number of commissions, preferring to concentrate on a small number of carefully crafted instruments which aim to satisfy the needs of today’s musicians.