Pierre Nehr

Bow Maker

At the age of 16, in September 1995, I began my apprenticeship with my brother Jean-Pascal in Marseille and I stayed there for 5 years. I graduated from my apprenticeship in 1998 in Mirecourt. In 2000, I went to Paris to work in the workshop of Gilles Chancereul - luthier, expert. In 2002 I opened my workshop in Paris to devote myself to the making of my bows and restoration of old bows for various luthiers and international collectors.

All my bows are entirely handmade according to French tradition. My work is influenced by the great French masters of the 19th century to which I bring my personal style. To date, I work only on the creation of my own bows, these bows are played by orchestra and chamber musicians, concertmasters, soloists and collectors around the world.


2008 | Certificate of Merit violin bow, VSA 2010 | Gold Medal cello and Bronze Medal violin, Mittenwald 2011 | 3rd place viola bow, Vatelot Competition 2012 | Certificate of Merit cello bow, VSA 2012 | "Coup de Coeur" French Cello Society, Paris 2016 | "Coup de Coeur" Diederik SUYS Viola's competition, Paris 2016 | "Certificats d'Honneur" Dominique Peccatte International Competition, Paris


weight: 60.5 grams length: 72.8 cm