Noemi Viaud

Noémie Viaud discovered violin making when she began playing the violin at the age of 7. At 15, she joined the French violin-making school in Mirecourt, where she spent five years learning the art of making and restoration. After receiving her diploma in 2003, Noémie moved to Canada to work with restoration, first in Olivier Perot’s workshop in Montréal and then at The Sound Post in Toronto. In 2006, after six months working for U-Wenk Wolff in Oslo, Norway, Noémie moved to Aarhus, Denmark, where she worked for Jens Stenz for seven years. Encouraged by him, she returned to making new instruments in 2007. Today, Noémie runs her own workshop in Risskov, Demark, where she dedicates most of her time to making violins, violas and cellos.
Every year, Noémie attends the Oberlin College violin makers’ summer workshop, which gathers together leading international violin makers to collaborate and share innovative ideas.
Noémie also has the privilege of working with Frank Ravatin for a few weeks each year and has benefited extensively from his knowledge and experience.
Musicians appreciate Noémie’s instruments for their warmth, power and their rich, balanced array of sound colour. Her instruments are played by professional musicians in countries around the world, including the USA, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Norway and Denmark.