Monica Fortin | Melina Polizzi | Meike Aupperle

Since meeting at the Oberlin summer workshop in 2014, Monica, Melina and Meike have developed a close friendship and mutual respect for each other‘s work. Inspired by the ethos of the Oberlin experience (annual world-renowned violin making workshop) the trio has overcome some considerable geographical challenges to produce this violin together in three intensive sessions over the past year.

The woodwork was completed in Brandenburg, Germany and varnished in London before the three met again in Washington DC to antique the varnish and complete the setup. Finally, they presented the instrument at the 2018 Oberlin Acoustics workshop where it benefited from extensive sound tests and experiments.

The violin is modeled closely on an interesting instrument by Venetian maker Matteo Goffriller, which the three makers were particularly enamored by. They felt the special nature of this project allowed them a freedom to experiment with, and the confidence to approach this very interesting model in the right way.

Melina trained in Cremona and after several years working for Gregg Alf in Venice and is now the Head of Making at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in London.

Meike has recently settled in Hanover after years of traveling and working with different makers.

Monica has traveled extensively, working with many different makers who she considers as her mentors. She has now settled in Switzerland as the "head of workshop" at d'Atelier for Philippe Girardin.


Back length: 351 mm | String length: 326 mm

Upper bout: 161 mm | Middle bout: 107 mm | Lower bout: 200 mm