Mira Gruszow | Gideon Baumblatt

The construction of a singing instrument has fascinated Gideon and Mira from the very beginning and brought them to Cremona at a young age. It’s their common starting point on a path that took them to very different places and experiences and eventually reunited them on this quest after many years. While Mira finished her diploma at the Scuola di Liuteria, Gideon completed his education at the Mittenwald school. Mira spent several years with Isabelle Wilbaux in Montreal discovering the world of new making. Gideon, on the other hand, focused on restoration of old Italian instruments in different workshops in Mainz and London. When they reunited in Montreal, they decided very naturally to put all their skills together and commit themselves entirely to making new instruments.

Mira and Gideon now live with their two children on the borders of  Berlin next to a beautiful lake. They participate in exhibitions and workshops in Europe and North America. The quality of their work has been recognized with several international awards.

“In the beginning, we worked independently, but soon we realized how complementary our skills were and how we could learn from each other's particular experiences. Since then, we have developed a way of working together on each instrument that leaves our workshop. Every instrument is planned by two minds and crafted by four hands. The infinite complexity of sound and the many possible ways of sculpting it in an instrument is a great source of inspiration and motivation for us. We always aim as high as we possibly can, as we have learned that the best musicians often are the best partners to work with. For us, the finished instrument represents the beginning of a rewarding journey where we  continue to work with its player...”


Back length: 355 mm | String length: 328 mm

Upper bout: 167 mm | Middle bout: 110 mm | Lower bout: 205 mm


Back length: 750 mm | String length: 690 mm

Upper bout: 351 mm | Middle bout: 242 mm | Lower bout: 443 mm