Jean Pascal Nehr

Bow Maker

Jean Pascal Nehr studied with Bernard Ouchard in Mirecourt, France, in 1974. He now runs and owns a workshop in Marseille. His bows are inspired by the French School style of the 19th century and he has won numerous prizes for his bowmaking, including: ‘Best Craftsman of France’ in 1997.

In 1998, a well-known bow expert and collector suggested that I make a copy of a François Xavier Tourte bow.

I was very pleased with the proposal.

Moreover, I had just bought some Pernambuco wood sticks from Jean Jacques Millant‘s stock at an auction sale in Paris, in other words, high-quality sticks which were at least half a century old. One of the sticks definitely appeared to me as being the ideal one for the Tourte copy.

A few Weeks later, I received the original Françoise Xavier Tourte bow, made around 1825-1830, one of the master‘s last bows. A magnificent stick, delicate, even fragile, made in a rough and almost blunt way, the result being a subtle mixture of elegance and power.

For this type of long-lasting bow, the thickness of the metal and the number of pins identify the master. The straight line is never quite straight, there‘s always movement; the bow‘s beauty comes from its simplicity its efficiency.

As a student of Master Bernard Ouchard, I worked for a long time respecting the style and the spirit of François Nicolas Voirin, known as “the modern Tourte” (1833-1885). Returning to the original Tourte was a new start in my work.

Through this encounter, I have developed rigor, freedom, pleasure, and simplicity in the practice of my art.


VIOLIN BOW: weight: 60 grams length: 73 cm