Ian McWilliams

The craft of violin making is firstly designed to please the ear and secondly the eye. With that in mind, I work very hard to get the very best out of each of my instruments. Presently they are played in orchestras from Shanghai to Paris. After leaving Canada I started studying instrument making in the UK in 2002 finishing in 2005. Moving then to the Big Smoke (London) to work for another three years in restoration at J.P. Guiviers. I moved from London to Montpellier to work for Frederic Chaudiere. Since leaving in 2010, I’ve had my own workshop just outside Berlin, Germany. I’ve won awards for sound with my quartet at the VSA Competition in America and participate yearly in professional making workshops in Oberlin, OH, USA.


Back length: 750mm String length: 690 mm Upper bout: 353 mm Middle bout: 240 mm Lower bout: 431 mm