Felix Krafft

Felix Krafft started violin making as an apprentice in 1989 in Gubbio, Italy and finished three years later with the diploma “Maestro Liutaio”. Then he worked in a masters shop in Berlin for 6 years, after which he obtained the German title Master Violin Maker. In 1999 he opened his own premises in Berlin.

His main interest is in making new instruments. Acoustically and aesthetically the old masters are exemplary. Mr. Krafft bases the models and patterns for his creations on instruments that have proven successful in concert use over hundreds of years.

He regularly attends workshops in Fertans and Villefavard, France, and also the VSA violinmaking workshop in Oberlin, OH, where colleagues and acousticians gather to share ideas and methods, in order to advance the craft of violin making for the benefit of both musicians and makers.

Krafft's acoustic and aesthetic ideal is constantly being refined and developed in close contact and exchange with musicians and colleagues. Being part of this unprecedented high-time for new and utterly performant bowed stringed instruments is a real joy.


Back length: 354 mm | String length: 327 mm

Upper bout: 167 mm | Middle bout: 110 mm | Lower bout: 206 mm