Cody Kowalski

Bow Maker

Cody Kowalski grew up in an artistic family on a small island near Port Townsend, Washington. At a young age, he revealed a natural adeptness for creating with his hands and, at the age of twelve, had the opportunity to visit bow maker Charles Espey, with whom he began learning woodworking and jewelry making techniques. A year later, this informal learning experience developed into the project of making his first violin bow.

Kowalski continued to make bows under Espey’s guidance throughout his years of high school, and traveled to Ireland and France to meet European bow makers in 2013. Kowalski’s current work is influenced by both traditional and modern styles.


2016 | Violin Society of America (VSA) International Competition 
  • Violin Bow - Gold Medal
  • Viola Bow - Gold Medal
  • Cello Bow - Gold Medal
2016 | 1st International Darling Bow Making Competition - Amsterdam
  • Viola Bow - Grand Prix for Workmanship
  • Cello Bow - Grand Prix for Workmanship


weight: 59 grams length: 74 cm


weight: 71 grams length: 74 cm


weight: 80 grams length: 71 cm