William Robert Scott

William (Bill) Scott is a violin maker in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His instruments are played around the globe. Bill earned Hors Concours in 2006 with his 3rd Gold Medal for viola at the VSA International Violin Makers Competition.

In addition to these awards, Bill has won numerous other medals and certificates for violin, viola and cello. He has served on the board of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers Inc. and currently is on the board of the Oberlin Violin Makers Foundation.

Bill plays violin in the Ayana String Quartet and the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis.

Bill’s interest in violin making began in 1970 when he met Martin Bielke, a well-known bow maker and luthier in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Attending his first Violin Society of America (VSA) Competition in 1980 at Hofstra University, New York, Bill met Mr. Hans Weisshaar. In 1984, Bill began his apprenticeship at the shop of Hans Weisshaar, Inc. in Los Angeles. In recent years, Bill has regularly contributed to Strad Magazine and at VSA Conventions with presentations, forum discussions and as a workmanship judge.


2006 |

  • Gold Medal Viola,
  • Silver Medal Violin Workmanship,
  • Cello Certificate for Workmanship at the Violin Society of America
  • String Quartet, Certificate for Workmanship and Tone

Hors Concour of the VSA

“outside the competition”,  and no longer allowed to compete in these events. Winning three gold medals at different events required.

  • Alumni Achievement Award, St. Olaf College, Class of 1975

1992-2004 | Two Gold Medals at VSA Competitions, Five Silver Medals for Tone and Workmanship

1982-2002 | Numerous Certificates for Tone and Workmanship at VSA Competitions


Back length: 413 mm | String length: 372 mm Upper bout: 200 mm | Middle bout: 137 mm | Lower bout: 244 mm