Silvio Levaggi

I trained at the Cremona International Violin Making School under the tuition of masters V. Bissolotti and W. Zambelli and obtained my diploma in 1984.

Since 2000 I regularly take part in the Oberlin Violinmaking Workshop where I work in close contact with some of the best American and European luthiers in a continuous and rich exchange of opinions and experiences.

In my workshop I devote all my time to the making of violins, violas and cellos of the finest quality, inspired by the classical Italian schools of violinmaking.

Since 1998, I regularly take part in International Violin making Competitions where I have won numerous prizes:

4 Gold Medal: Cremona 2009, Parigi 2004, Manchester 2004, Mittenwald 2001;

4 Silver Medal: VSA 2010 e 2002;

2 Bronze Medal: Mittenwald 2005, Cremona 2003;

18 Certificates of Merit or Special Prizes: International Violinmaking Competition from 1998 to 2010.

I have served on the jury panel of:

“Etienne Vatelot” International Violinmaking  Competition – Paris 2011

VioloncellenSeine – Cello Making Competition – Paris 2014

Metelka Competition – International Violinmaking Competition – Prague 2017

I am member of the Entente Internationale des Maître Luthiers et Archetiers d’Art and the Violin Society of America.