Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips began his appreciation for music at a young age by learning to play the violin and eventually getting involved with several music ensembles and orchestras. Later his interests shifted to the visual arts as he pursued a degree in the fine arts, concentrating on sculpture and drawing. It was only a matter of time before both creative forces joined hands.

With a focus of merging his love for music and his talent for sculpture, Jeff enrolled at the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City. After graduating he worked in the Peter Prier violin shop where a focus on repair and restoration and exposure to many fine instruments helped him develop a solid foundation of visual style and acoustical control.

His instruments have won numerous awards at the Violin Society of America’s international violin making competitions, including a certificate of merit for viola, 4 silver medals for violin, viola and cello, and 6 gold medals for violin and viola. He just recently won an elusive double gold medal for violin at the 2014 VSA competition and can no longer compete at any further VSA competitions due to his Hors Concours status.

A strong believer in sharing ideas, information, and working methods, Jeff has been involved in several collaboration projects over the years. In particular, an involvement with the Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop has helped immensely in his making development by working with and alongside many other excellent makers. He has also been the varnish instructor at Oberlin for several years in hopes of continuing the current passion for making and sharing.

Jeff continues to make instruments full time at his home in Salt Lake City where he lives with his family and enjoys many recreational activities in the nearby mountains. He continues to develop his musical passion by playing first violin in the local Salt Lake Symphony. His instruments are played by many fine artists in the US and abroad.