Hayato Nagaishi

I started to practice the cello in high school with a private teacher. I admired Yo-Yo Ma. Already at that time, cello fulfilled my mind and I had an ambition to become a musical instrument craftsman. 

 In 2001, I moved to Italy to go to the school in Cremona for two years. I left school to join Luca Primon’s class who was teaching in Milan. And I’ve assisted in building some violins and cellos in his workshop. After school in Milan, I learned perfection and craftsmanship at the Silvio Levaggi studio where I did an internship.

In 2015, I started my own studio and became an independent luthier. I limit myself to making 3 cellos and a few violins a year with careful attention to detail. I also create an irregular instrument for my whimsical mind with inspiration from the Baroque period. 

Recent award: Silver Medal for workmanship of Cello and Quartetto, VSA 2016

I believe that my personality of well-prepared carefulness and an ethnic mélange of Western and Eastern culture is reflected in my creations.