Andranik Gaybaryan

Andranik Gaybaryan started playing violin at the age of 6, and continued studying violin performance at the famous Rachmaninov Conservatory of Music in Rostov, Russia. At the same time he studied violin making with famous Russian luthiers such as Araik Resyan at the Rostov Conservatory, Yuri Pochekin, and Vyacheslav Suprun in Moscow.

After graduating with an Artist Diploma in Violin Performance, Andranik Gaybaryan was invited to head the restoration department at the Rachmaninov Conservatory. Simultaneously, he taught courses on the history of violin making at the Conservatory and the Rostov-on-Don Art College.

During these years, Andranik worked with famous Russian performers to perfect the sound of his violins; his early instruments were highly praised by famous violinists such as Zakhar Bron, Sergey Sapozhnikov, Sergey Kravchenko and others.

In 2002 Andranik moved to Northampton, Massachusetts where he was able to tap into resources not available to him in Russia; he studied the works of Great Masters and worked with world-famous performers to further perfect the sound of his instruments. In both 2008 and 2009 he was invited to be a violin repair master for the Marlboro Music Festival.

Before switching to work exclusively at his own shop, he worked at Stamell Stringed Instruments; there he gained experience, as well as appreciation for fine instrument restoration while continuing to build violins, violas and cellos.

Since he moved to the USA, Andranik Gaybaryan has been steadily gaining a reputation as one of the finest violin makers in the country. His instruments are in the hands of some of today’s leading players including: Frank Peter ZimmermannVera Beths, members of the Boston Symphony OrchestraJulliard School of MusicConservatorium van AmsterdamMoscow Conservatory and others.

As a professional performer, Andranik pays special attention to the sound quality of his instruments. His perception of sound is enthusiastically shared by the world’s leading musicians including: Gil ShahamVadim RepinRoman TotenbergDavid SoyerAlbert MarkovKim KashkashianOleg Krysa,  Michael Zaretsky and many others.