Jonathan Reimann

Bow Maker

Jonathan Reimann was born and raised on the north side of Chicago in Rogers Park until the age of 12 when he  relocated to the central coast of California. He has always considered himself half Chicagoan and half Californian. Reimann took up Lutherie in 1991 independently after having his interest sparked by guitar making. Soon after this he worked/studied with the legendary Don Young of National Guitars. After many years in the guitar trade Reimann returned to Chicago to study at the Chicago School of Violin Making and soon after began working in one of the large downtown shops as a violin Luthier. Having learned from the likes of great makers like Gary Garavaglia, and bow/instrument experts (craftspeople all), Reimann took up bow making as his true passion and art, although he still makes time for set-ups and adjustments on instruments. “Musicians First” is his motto. Bow making is his main focus; building in the great French traditions.