Guy Rabut

Guy Rabut was raised in a musical and artistic family where he began to play the cello at the age of nine. Along with his musical studies he also developed a strong interest in the visual arts through his father, an artist by profession. This seminal association with music and art led to his career in violin making which began at The Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he graduated in 1978. For the next five years Mr. Rabut worked for the prestigious firm of Jacques Français in New York City under Master restorer René Morel. In the Français shop he had the privilege to work on many important Italian instruments played by some of the world’s greatest artists.

In 1984, Mr. Rabut established his own shop in New York City, dividing his time between making and restoring instruments. The opportunity to restore some of the finest instruments that exist in the world today provided an open window into the minds and the techniques of the great makers of the past. In 1992, with the opening of a workshop in Carnegie Hall, he began to focus exclusively on making new violins, violas and cellos. Now after more than thirty-five years in New York, Mr. Rabut continues this dedication to creating new instruments as he continues to work with musicians from New York and around the world in his studio on Manhattan’s  Upper West Side.