Friedrich Alber

Born in 1966 in  Sindelfingen (Germany), Friedrich Alber started playing the violin at the age of nine years. Later on he changed  to the viola, and continues to play and enjoy it.

 At the age of sixteen he discovered the art of violin-making.

Having graduated with merit at the Newark  School of Violin Making in England, he then worked at a number of places including  « Koestler » in Germany, and « Chaudière » in France.

He set up in Montpellier in the south of France  in 1990.

Deciding to specialize in the making of fine violins, violas and cellos, he now works closely with a number of first class international musicians with a view to aim for the top sound quality.

Alber has made 150 instruments (violins, violas and cellos), which are played by professional musicians in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Korea, Singapore and Japan.

 He was  a finalist with a 40.6 cm Strad-Viola in the Violin Making Competition of Mittenwald  in 1993, a finalist with a Montagnana-model-Cello in the Cello Making Competition of Manchester in 2001 and a finalist with a Grancino-model-cello in the Cello Making Competition of Paris « VioloncellenSeine ». His violin and his cello won the first prizes « coup de cœur » distribiuted by the Modigilani Quartet at the MUSICORA-fair in Paris in 2012.

Alber is a member of the French Violin Maker Assotiation ALADFI.

“German craftsmanship, French touch and Italian tradition, played by international soloists.”