Bernhard Gerstner

1958 born in Konstanz, Germany

1977-81 Violin Making School of Mittenwald, Germany

1981-86 worked as assistant to violin makers in several shops

– Helmut Müller, Leonberg, Germany

– Vladimir Pilar, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

– Johann Scholtz, Düsseldorf, Germany

1987 Master degree in Düsseldorf

1988- Present self employed violin maker in Ulm, Germany


He has made 170 instruments (violin, viola and cello) and he also dedicates himself to restorations and set ups of old instruments.

A main focus of his work is on sound quality and the experience in ground, stain and the varnish of his instruments.

As a passionate violinist he is member of a chamber music quartet and a Jazz band. This gives him a profound connection to the possibilities and variety of a high quality sound of the instruments.



Distinction in Poznan, Poland

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Mittenwald, Germany