Bernd Etzler

Bow Maker

1986-1988 – Studied in the violin making workshop of the Franz Liszt Music Academy under the supervision of Ferenc Kőrösi.

1988-1992 – Worked as an assistant at the same place

1989 – Made his first bows with the guidance of Géza Sáli.

1991-1996 – Spent periods of internship at Stéphane Thomachot’s workshop in Paris.

1993 – Established his own bow making workshop in Göd.

1997-1999 – Worked as an assistant to master bow maker Pierre Guillaume in his workshop at ’Maison Bernard’ in Brussels, Belgium where he mostly restored 19th century French bows.

1998 – Gained his master’s certificate in Budapest.

2000 to date – Constructing bows in his workshop in Göd.

2016 Curator of, a permanent exhibition about Hungarian bow making at the Museum of Music History in Budapest.

Etzler has won numerous prizes at international bow making competitions in recent years. In 2016 he won two awards at the 1st International Darling Bow Making Competition in Amsterdam,  the gold medal at the 1st Maestro Lucchi Bow Making Competition in Cremona and two gold and one bronze medal at the 3rd Violin Making & Bow Making Competition in Beijing.